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We are ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

The company employs adequate operational technique with the available infrastructure to maintain the required quality of the products. We strictly follows the quality norms and guidelines mandated for LCSO approval for defense electronics equipments and systems. Our products fulfills the Indian standard JSS-51034 and international standards like MIL-W-16878 & BSG-210. Further modernized technology, streamlined production process and timely delivery have helped us set the benchmark in the market. Also, repeat orders from our customers have helped us to rely on our manufacturing processes and quality standards followed.

Reliability Testing

We know our products are used in high technology equipments and systems where reliability is of paramount importance. Reliability is built into the products by comprehensive testing and analysis. Our 100% production goes through the quality testing before final dispatch.

• Dimensional H V Test • Continuity of Coating • Tensile strength / Elongation
• Dielectric withstand • Continuity of Conductor • Conductor resistance
• Solderability • Insulation resistance • Silver Coating Thickness
• Heat resistance Test (290C for 96 hours) • Flammability • Capacitance

Advantages of PTFE as insulation Material on Wires and Cables

  • Inertness to almost all chemicals even at elevated temperatures (except fluorine).
  • Excellent thermal stability suitable for use from -200°C to +260°C.
  • Best dielectric properties in any flexible insulation. Lowest dielectric constant (2.1) and lowest dissipation factor (below 0.0003)
  • Dielectric constant independent of temperature and excellent surface arc resistivity.
  • Unaffected by lubricants, hydraulic fluids and aircraft fuels.
  • Not Propagates flame or serve as a fuel to fire.
  • Immune to ageing, fungus and water absorption.
  • Heat Stability: Electrical properties of PTFE are not affected by long term heating.On exposure to hot soldering irons no damage occurs. 
  • Withstands over heating due to temporary current over loads.  Greatly reduces risk of flash over in tightly bundled control wiring and subsequent damage to nearby wires.
  • Smaller size, more flexible, lighter weight and much higher reliability.

Storage, Packaging and Transportation

As we operate in highly competitive global market, we ensure safe storage, transportation and delivery of our products to our customers. We use modernized techniques of packaging like, reel packing and coil packaging. All products packed individually in polythene packets and then bulk packed in corrugated boxes/wooden boxes and then packed in HDPE bags if required.

Our Strengths

  • Testing of 100% supplies.
  • Quick and cost effective delivery of small orders.
  • Plant equipped with all modern machineries and equipments.
  • Quick delivery of orders supported by large manufacturing capacity.
  • Custom designing of high temperature cables sustainable even up to 1500°C.
  • Seasoned professional experts for designing complex and critical customer needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous growth along with our satisfied customers is our main motive. We are committed to continual improvisation of our products and services through extensive research and development. Our clients have appreciated our quest for excellence, by giving us repeat orders, which speaks volumes about our commitment in providing complete customer satisfaction.


We have a wide range of PTFE insulated Wires and cables to cater to the wide range of our clients. We have a wide networks of clients speared all across India, Our Satisfied domestic clients includes NTPC, Jindal, Power Plants, Steel Plants and many others public and private sector organizations.

Business Development

As a policy we believe in direct marketing of our products against specific purchase orders. This is to enable us to offer the cost effective and most suitable products to our customers after due understanding and information on their applications and use. We also hope that you would give us a chance to add your esteemed organization in our customer's list as a feather on our cap.

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