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We "PTFE Electronics (P) Ltd.", feel proud in introducing ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality P.T.F.E. (Teflon*) Insulated Electrical Wires, hookup & Equipment wires, P.T.F.E. Insulated Multicore Electrical cables, P.T.F.E. Insulated High Temperature Cables, P.T.F.E. Insulated sleeves and P.T.F.E. (Teflon*)Tapes.

Our consistent approach towards delivering superior quality in our products has enabled us to manufacture products that meet the requisite Indian standard JSS-51034 and international standards like MIL-W-16878 & BS3G210. With experience gained over the years, we understand technical requirements of industry and are involved in development of various new products that are  more cost effective and efficient than the products that are popular in the market.

To be a preferred supplier of quality products in the industry 100% production is tested in laboratory specially designed for the purpose and test report is prepared and kept for records.The salient features of our wire products includes heat resistant, chemical inertness, fire resistant, flame retardant, higher shelf life in controlled atmospheric conditions (-200°C to +260°C), halogen free insulation and sheath.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of PTFE insulated Hookup & Equipment Wires, Multicore Cables, Coaxial Cables, High Temperature Cables (up to 1500°C),  Sheathed cables, RTD Cables, Sleeves (tubes) and Tapes.

Our Product range includes following wires and cables in PTFE insulation

  • Hookup & Equipment wires.
  • Multicore/Multipair Cables. 
  • Sheathed Cables.
  • Thermocouple Cables.
  • High Temperature Cables.
  • High Voltage (Corona Resistant) Cables
  • RF Coaxial Cable
  • PTFE Electrical Sleeves (tubes).

Besides above mentioned popular categories of wires and cables, our experienced production team of engineers and technicians supported by our R & D Labs helps us to custom design the electrical wires and cables as per the specific requirements of our clients across the globe.

Our Skilled Team

The promoters are highly qualified and experienced technocrats and employ well experienced, trained and qualified personnel for all operations. The promoters carries with them self a rich experience of more than 30 years in designing and manufacturing PTFE Wires and Cables. Our Key promoters has serviced the industry by developing and designing customized wires and cables specially the high temperature cables for customers from various industries like marine application, defence applications, aerospace, power supply systems, railways signaling, UPS systems, excavators and many more. We understand the it is only the integration of best people with modern technology that results in quality products and thus leads to creativity and innovation.

Raw Material

Having thrust on quality, we ensure that only superior grade raw materials are used in our manufacturing process. Our raw material includes copper, PTFE resin and silver. We procure our raw material from various reliable sources and renowned brands.

Key Applications of our wires and Cables

Our wire, cables and sleeves are used in various industrial applications and industries including:

  • Defense Electronics, Radar applications, Satellites and Missiles.
  • OEM's for De fence, Marine, Naval and Aerospace applications and aircrafts.
  • Railway Signaling and Lighting.
  • High Precision Electrical Equipments.
  • For limited space and high current applications.
  • Nuclear Power Systems and control equipments.
  • Radio and Microwave Communication equipments.
  • Excavators, lifts and High Performance automobiles.
  • Industrial Heaters and other high temperature applications
  • Temperature Sensors, Transducers, Flow Meters and other sensors.
  • Power-stations, UPS, Transformers and other Power supply Instruments.
  • Fire proof wiring and wire harness in Furnace, Oven, Steel Plants, Cement Plants and many more.
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