Our range of products include PTFE Insulated Shielded Cables.

PTFE Insulated Shielded Cables

About this item:

Our range of PTFE Insulated Shielded Cables and tri-axial cables offer a solution for very low levels of signal leakage. The cables in this category are supplied with PTFE or PVC jacket on the condition of attenuation stability and operating frequency requirements. Our cables are cost effective and offer great value for money. The range is weather resistant and hard wearing.


Construction Any number of pairs, triads, quads combined into one large cable, with or without shielding on individual pairs/triads/quads as well as with overall shielding and/or jacket.
Primary Insulation PTFE (Teflon*)
Shielding Silver Plated Copper/Annealed Bare Copper/Tin Plated Copper Wire or Stainless Steel wire.
Jackets PTFE, PVC, Fiberglass, Asbestos fiber or as per customer requirements.
Voltage Range 250V/600V/1000V or as per customer requirements.
Temperature Range -ve 65°C to +ve 260°C

Product Details:

Shielding Type: Shielded
Brand: PTFE Electronic \s
Power/Voltage: 400-600V
Application: Electric appliance,LED lighting,etc
Conductor material: Copper