Our range of products include Ptfe Insulated Multicore Cable.

Ptfe Insulated Multicore Cable

About this item:

We are offering Multicore Cable to our clients. These are mainly used for high reliability and high-temperature interconnections. This construction is widely used in aerospace and industrial applications requiring high reliability and ultimate physical and electrical performance.


Construction Any number of pairs, triads, quads combined into one large cable, with or without shielding on individual pairs/triads/quads as well as with overall shielding and/or jacket.
Primary Insulation PTFE
Shielding Silver Plated Copper/Annealed Bare Copper/Tin Plated Copper Wire or Stainless Steel wire.
Jackets PTFE, PVC, Fiberglass, Asbestos fiber or as per customer requirements.
Voltage Range 250V/600V/1000V or as per customer requirements.
Temperature Range -ve 65°C to +ve 260°C

Product Details:

Color: Multicolor
Packaging Type: Roll
Material: PTFE
Power/Voltage: 250V/600V/1000V
Primary Insulation: PTFE
Conductor Material: Copper