Our range of products include PTFE Insulated Hookup Wire.

PTFE Insulated Hookup Wire

About this item:

We manufacture the variety of PTFE Insulated Hookup Wires in small-to-large gauge, solid as well as stranded, prominently used for making internal connections inside electrical or electronic devices. Our Standard wires satisfy the international standard MIL-W-16878 & BS3G210 and Indian Standard JSS 51034. Please refer the product catalog for color codes and other technical details.

Product Details:

Color: Red
Usage/Application: commercial and industrial
Brand: PTFE Electronics
Voltage Rating: 250V AC (Type ET)/600V AC (Type E)/ 1000V AC (Type EE)
Properties: Resistance to Fire, chemicals, Acids, Sunlight, Moisture and Corona
Insulation: PTFE Tape Wrapped Sintered (TWS)