Our range of products include LCSO Approved PTFE Cables.

LCSO Approved PTFE Cables

About this item:

We are offering LCSO Approved PTFE Cables to our clients.


  • Construction: Any number of pairs, triads, quads combined into one large cable, with or without shielding on individual pairs/triads/quads as well as with overall shielding and/or jacket.
  • Shielding: Silver Plated Copper/Annealed Bare Copper/Tin Plated Copper Wire or Stainless Steel wire
  • Jackets: PTFE, PVC, Fiberglass, Asbestos fiber or as per customer requirements
  • Temperature Range: -ve 65°C to +ve 260°C

Product Details:

Color: Multicolor
Packaging Type: Roll
Material: PTFE
Power/Voltage: 250V/600V/1000V
Multicore: Cables
Primary Insulation: PTFE