Director's Message

Dear Customer,

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all our customers for their unconditional support and trust shown to us for quality products. You all have made PTFE Electronics a leading designer, the manufacturer of High Voltage, High Temperature & High-Frequency Specialty Wires, Cables and Sleeves under PTFE (Teflon*) Insulation. We have complete in-house capabilities to design & develop a cable as per your requirements. Also, our manufacturing facilities are efficient and streamlined to gear up for the future. We assure to deliver you quality products and our best attention to your demands and orders, to be one of your reliable suppliers.

Our production facility is has been certified by LCSO, Ministry of Defence, India. Our consistent approach towards delivering superior quality in our products has enabled us to manufacture products that meet the requisite Indian standard JSS-51034, JSS-54802, JSS-51038 and JSS-6145-24 these are equivalent to international standards like MIL-W-16878 & BS3G210. With experience gained over the years, we understand technical requirements of industry and are involved in the development of various new products that are more cost-effective and efficient than the products that are popular in the market.

To be a preferred supplier of quality products in the industry 100% production is tested in laboratory specially designed for the purpose and test report is prepared and kept for records. The salient features of our wire products include heat resistant, chemical inertness, fire resistant, flame retardant, higher shelf life in controlled atmospheric conditions (-200°C to +260°C), halogen free insulation and sheath.

At PTFE Electronics business model is evolving. We are regularly enhancing our key internal operations to ensure a consistent and positive experience for our customers. Our business processes begin and end with the customers. We are confident that your confidence and trust in us will keep us ahead and win in our constant endeavor to continue to be the preferred supplier in this competitive global market.
We are improving each day to serve you better.

CA Pankaj Agarwal